Hey everyone, this is my first ever blog and I’m a bit excited to write it.  First up I’m going to let everyone know a little more about me and why I started Kae Interior Designs.

I first became interested in Interior Design in my late teens maybe early twenties. I was a sporty person so I studied Sport and Leisure at University but I always had that underlying passion for design. I loved visiting Showhomes and looking at new properties in the Real Estate Market. I liked reading the House and Garden magazine, so much inspiration in magazines it’s amazing! I finished off my Degree at Uni and kept on working as a Café Manager in Cambridge, moving to another Café Manager job in Hamilton. It was when I was at home with my first kiddie that I studied a Certificate in Business Management and from there I studied Interior Designs, which I completed in 2019 with 3 kids in tow. I have never looked back and I love everything about it.

My own personal experience of building has  led my husband and I to build 4 homes over 11 years and I am proud of each of them. I have progressed and developed through them all, learnt what works and what doesn’t, all of this helps when I’m working with clients. I can pass on practical ideas and design ideas. If something looks amazing sometimes it doesn’t always work practically but if you make it practical from the beginning and make that design look amazing you can have an amazing home. But now I’m now starting to get itchy feet and thinking about my next project…is that normal? I’ve never worked on my own renovation before. My favourite place in a house would have to be the kitchen. They are a place where people come together and spend time with family and friends.

Our most recent house has been one of my favourites. We finally moved to the country and have our little slice of paradise just out of Hamilton. We wanted this house to be something different to what you see around, we didn’t want your everyday town house in the country so we designed our own modern barn style home. My husband and I drew the plans from  scratch, changing it a few times to get what we wanted and what we needed. One of my favourite rooms in this house is the kitchen, it looks into the dining room, lounge and out to the backyard, I love the view and I love my fireplace and how much it can change the atmosphere in the room when it’s glowing in the background and the warmth it puts out is comforting.

Street Appeal

Enough about me and my journey, how did I start Kae Interior Designs? In 2017 a friend asked for my help with her bathroom and laundry design. From this I decided to start my own business and build my way up. I loved the opportunity that I was given and took it with both hands and kept pushing, finding new opportunities with building companies and private clients, and slowly over the last 2.5years I have built my business up and it keeps on getting busier. I work with a few smaller building companies and I have just started working with a Group Housing Company, plus I have a lot of private clients. I do lots of new builds and renovations. I added curtains and blinds to my services beginning of 2019 as I wanted to provide my clients with the full package from start to finish. Plus I love fabrics.

Coming up with a name for my business was pretty easy, I wanted a name that represented me and everything I want in my business. KAE is my initials, so Kae Interior Designs it was. I wanted Kae Interior Design to be an Interior Design business that is flexible for clients, I want to be able to work around them, by meeting in the evening or on the weekends. I understand that clients have working lives and they can’t always take the time off or make it into a showroom to make design decisions, so I come to your place with all my samples.

Interior Design, Colours, Curtains, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Flooring they are all my passion, they are what I love doing, what I think about all the time. Design to me is more about what you would love to live with and not about what is currently on ‘Trend’. Yes, it might be nice to have all the latest trends throughout your house, but if you don’t really love it, will you be able to live with it.

Until next time…


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